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  • Installation

    Which of the three installation options - suction cups, tesa Powerstrips® or screws - should I use?

    Installation with suction cups
    Install ComfortSpin with suction cups on smooth, non textured surfaces.

    Installation with screws
    Screw mounted installation is suitable for wooden shelves or chipboards in a thickness of 14 mm or more.

    Installation with tesa Powerstrips®
    Use tesa Powerstrips® for installation on textured glass surfaces or smooth surfaces, such as coated wooden surfaces and tiles. Note: installation using tesa Powerstrips® is not suitable for vinyl, non-stick surfaces, polystyrene, foam and porous materials.

  • Installation

    What screw size do I need?

    To install ComfortSpin with screws, you need "rear panel screw, steel, 4 x 17 -Z2, galvanised".

  • Installation

    How can I tell whether the ComfortSpin has not been properly installed?

    Check your ComfortSpin for proper installation if the product collides with anything, is not level, chafes or feels loose.

  • General

    How can I gain space with ComfortSpin?

    Numerous test persons have confirmed: you can fit more on your cupboard or refrigerator shelf with ComfortSpin! You save space for gaps which, without ComfortSpin, you need to reach items stored at the back.

  • Installation

    How do I fit ComfortSpin?

    ComfortSpin is ready to use in just a few easy steps. Click here to see the installation instructions.

  • General

    How do I clean ComfortSpin?

    Remove ComfortSpin for easy, thorough cleaning and wash the product by hand with solvent free cleaning agents. Never use brushes, steel wool or abrasive cleaning products on the surface.

  • Installation

    How much space do I need for ComfortSpin in my cupboard or refrigerator?

    ComfortSpin needs a clear space of 425 x 285 mm.

  • Installation

    Where can I fit ComfortSpin?

    Use ComfortSpin in any cupboard or refrigerator where you wish to keep things better organised and see them more easily. The base surface must be firm, clean, dry, even and non-greasy. ComfortSpin is not suitable for ovens and dishwashers.

  • General

    Where can I purchase ComfortSpin?

    An overview of the sources of supply can be found here.

  • Installation

    Where can I buy tesa Powerstrips®?

    You can get tesa Powerstrips® from any good supermarket or DIY store as well as from various online shops under product number 58810-00000

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