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  • General

    Are children allowed to use the ComfortSpin?

    ComfortSpin can be used by children aged 8 and over. First show children how to use the product safely.

  • Installation

    Can I also use ComfortSpin on the shelf without fixing it in place?

    No, if you don't fix ComfortSpin on a baseplate, there is a risk that the turntable may tilt if it is unevenly laden or incorrectly turned, or it will be pulled out together with the baseplate on account of the centre guide catch and fall out of the cupboard or refrigerator.

  • General

    Can I put ComfortSpin in the dishwasher?

    Yes, ComfortSpin is dishwasher proof.

  • General

    Do I always need to push ComfortSpin into the end position?

    It is not always absolutely necessary to move ComfortSpin to the end position. However, if the turntable is not quite in its end position, it can only be turned in one direction and locks if you try and turn it in the other direction. When ComfortSpin is in its end position, it can be turned in both directions.

  • Installation

    Do I need to install ComfortSpin at the centre of the shelf?

    No, but the baseplate must have a clearance of 70 mm from a side panel.

  • General

    How do I clean ComfortSpin?

    Remove ComfortSpin for easy, thorough cleaning and wash the product by hand with solvent free cleaning agents. Never use brushes, steel wool or abrasive cleaning products on the surface.

  • Installation

    How do I fit ComfortSpin?

    ComfortSpin is ready to use in just a few easy steps. Click here to see the installation instructions.

  • Installation

    How much space do I need for ComfortSpin in my cupboard or refrigerator?

    ComfortSpin needs a clear space of 425 x 285 mm.

  • General

    How much weight can ComfortSpin carry?

    You can use ComfortSpin to carry up to eight kilograms. When storing items on one side away from the middle, we recommend putting no more than three kilograms on the turntable.

  • General

    Is ComfortSpin food safe?

    Yes, ComfortSpin is in no way harmful and has no effect on the smell or taste of food.