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  • Installation

    What do I need to do if ComfortSpin chafes?

    Check the ComfortSpin for correct assembly. The ball retainer may not be in the right place. Chafing may also occur if ComfortSpin is heavily laden on one side.

  • General

    What material is ComfortSpin made of?

    ComfortSpin is made of a high quality, food safe plastic from the refrigerator industry.

  • Installation

    What screw size do I need?

    To install ComfortSpin with screws, you need "rear panel screw, steel, 4 x 17 -Z2, galvanised". The correct screws are included.

  • Installation

    Where can I fit ComfortSpin?

    Use ComfortSpin in any cupboard or refrigerator where you wish to keep things better organised and see them more easily. The base surface must be firm, clean, dry, even and non-greasy. ComfortSpin is not suitable for ovens and dishwashers.

  • Installation

    Which of the three installation options - suction cups, tesa Powerstrips® or screws - should I use?

    Installation with suction cups
    Install ComfortSpin with suction cups on smooth, non textured surfaces.

    Installation with screws
    Screw mounted installation is suitable for wooden shelves or chipboards in a thickness of 14 mm or more.

    Installation with tesa Powerstrips®
    Use tesa Powerstrips® for installation on textured glass surfaces or smooth surfaces, such as coated wooden surfaces and tiles. Note: installation using tesa Powerstrips® is not suitable for vinyl, non-stick surfaces, polystyrene, foam and porous materials.

  • General

    Which temperature range can I use ComfortSpin in?

    ComfortSpin can be used at temperatures from 0 °C to 40 °C.