Feedback on the product test

At the end of last year, we were looking for 50 testers who were interested in putting our ComfortSpin through its paces before the turntable came onto the market. More than 200 applications from which we had to choose were received via 50 testers received a ComfortSpin and a questionnaire to find out what improvements we still had to make in the categories "storage optimisation, assembly / disassembly and product benefits".

Many thanks to all interested people who wanted to support us and to the testers who gave us extensive feedback.

Of course we do not want to withhold the results from you.

Optimisation of storage space

We have received feedback from our testers that the ComfortSpin contributes to a much better overview of your fridge. In particular, the access and accessibility of the food was perceived positively. Many testers have told us that the worry of losing storage space due to the smaller footprint of the ComfortSpin was unfounded. On the ComfortSpin, food can be placed much narrower and can be easily reached by turning.

Assembly / disassembly

The ComfortSpin was most frequently tested in the refrigerator. The majority of testers used the suction cups provided for this purpose. The applications with the screw connection and the tesa-Powerstripes® were also tested. As the first change, we have revised the assembly instructions and created an additional assembly video to make installation even easier for you.

Product benefits

Technical information could be taken over before the start of series production. We have made sure that the ComfortSpin is manufactured in even fewer individual parts in order to make assembly even easier for you and to increase its service life.

We also learned a lot about the use of the ComfortSpin. Our testers reported separate food in the refrigerator, whether in a shared flat or due to different eating habits. Here the ComfortSpin could make its contribution to facilitate the organization. Even older people who no longer have such good access found the ComfortSpin a relief to be able to reach all the products in their refrigerator.

We are happy to take these points on board for further developments.

Beyond that:

Many of your questions and comments have been collected in an FAQ. We have also added a news section to provide you with new information more quickly and clearly.

From May it will finally be so far: The ComfortSpin can be ordered online.