When the back is at the front and vice versa, it can only be ComfortSpin!

ComfortSpin can be turned through 360 degrees in no time at all. Easily installed and immediately ready for use, the clever turntable gives you a full view of the food you keep in your refrigerator. Naturally in best "Made in Germany" quality.

Organisation made easy

Put an end to restoring order in your refrigerator or larder units! With ComfortSpin, your food is perfectly organised and well ordered - in the refrigerator and in the larder unit.

Everything in view

ComfortSpin is the fastest twirl to culinary indulgence. There is no need to move yogurts, sauces or jams to the side any more to get a 360 degree view of the contents of your refrigerator.

Install, turn, enjoy convenience

With its 28,5 x 42,5 cm of turning convenience, you can quickly and easily add ComfortSpin at any time to virtually any refrigerator. And to clean ComfortSpin, you simply take it out whenever you need to.


At last, there are no longer any yogurts in my refrigerator that get forgotten at the very back!

Absolutely everyone can turn their hand to this!

ComfortSpin is ready to use in just a few easy steps. Will you be fitting your turntable on a glass shelf in the refrigerator or on a wooden shelf in the larder unit? Choose the appropriate installation method for your turntable: you can mount ComfortSpin very easily with suction cups, screws or Tesa Powerstrips®.